Web Services

There are JSON/XML/PHP-based Web Services available for scientists and software developers to query programmatically the latest edition of the Catalogue and the Annual Checklists. Please note that when using Catalogue of Life data in your own system it is important to abide by the Terms of Use and notify the Species 2000 Secretariat.

Main Web Service

Linked to the Monthly Edition:

Linked to the Annual Checklist:

4D4life Web Services

Developed as part of the european funded 4D4Life project the following three web services enable:

  • Status of a scientific name query
  • Taxon synonyms query
  • Taxon common names query

These Web Services are linked to the latest version of the Catalogue of Life (either the Dynamic Checklist or once a year the Annual Checklist). To access the Web Services users must obtain a key. Further details on Web Services plus instructions on key activation can be found here.

Web Services User Information page